Hello! I’m Joana Junkermann.

I am in contact with horses since I was 3 years old, whenever I had a chance I tried be with these animals, later on I started to learn more about them and about horseback riding taking lessons, doing internships and working for riding centers in Portugal and Germany.

The intention was never to look for competitions or the more specific modalities, but to have a very relaxed and pleasant contact with the horse in a context of walks in the field or some ludic exercises in the ring.

Now I have embarked on the challenge of creating my own project with 7 horses all coming from less dignified situations enjoying there new quiet life.

The type of work performed with the horses follows the pedagogical line of the “Natural Horsemanship” that seeks a clear and smooth communication, allowing the horses a more calm and evident perception of what we expect.

It is the opposit of a more traditional concept in which philosophy is to “break” the will of the animal and make it into a kind of working machine.

It is essentially based on observing the natural behavior of these animals to learn through this.

In nature, horses have established hierarchies, defined boundaries, and obvious gestures to communicate, we Humans often expect from the animal that it comprehends what we want, but first and as the main basis there must be a mutual communication that both understand.

So  it is essential to create this basis of communication as it is also important to gratify the effort and respect the inherent personality of each horse.


We are located at Quinta da Samoqueirinha, a rural tourism with 22 Hectares between Vila Nova de Milfontes and São Luís. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape between the mountains and the river in the heart of the natural park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast.

In addition to the horses this tourism also has a pettingzoo with many animals: And there are also 9 rooms and one apartment.

The farm offers immense space for the horses to spend all their free time on pasture in herd.

The distance to Vila Nova de Milfontes is 9 km (20 minutes by car) where you have beautiful beaches to explore, local cuisine and many other activities.

The walks are realized in this area and making it possible to explore the local flora and the rural landscapes of the alentejo.

There are six mares and one horse each one lovely and sweet but with very distinct personalities … See more.